Welcome to Tutorialsdesk.com

Why tutorialsdesk.com ???

To give back and help other people
I must read dozens of websites every day and am constantly learning from other people. I subscribe to several hundred RSS feeds and follow a number of people on Twitter to keep up to date with useful knowledge relating to web development especially Java, J2EE, SQL and Scripting. And I search Google a lot when I need an answer for a problem.

Part of writing this blog is to give back to the community so that I may in turn help other people to solve their problems and to learn techniques, tips and tricks they might have otherwise not known. You will find that the articles I post here are a combination of tutorials, dealing with a specific error or problem, and in some cases fairly basic concepts.

To further my knowledge and understanding
In writing content on this blog I often learn a lot more about the concept I am trying to explain. This is because I need to ensure I fully understand it myself and that I can communicate it effectively. I often more thoroughly test code I have already written because it will be scrutinised by more people than just myself, so I want it to be right.

I believe I have become a much better Java developer by writing content for this blog.

As an easy reference point for myself
There's often a lot of really simple concepts explained on this blog and in a lot of cases it's so I have an easy reference place to go get code I commonly need. I often can't remember how exactly to do something, so write up a quick post and then in the future know I can quickly pop over to my blog and find it there, without having to search Google again for the answer.
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